Women in Ads – crossing the line

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dolce gabbana ad

durex fake ad

I came across these pictures at the beginning of the week and have been wanting to blog about it and I’m just now getting around to it…it’s been that kind of week.  The original blog post and rest of the pictures can be found here.  I  found these two pictures to be especially disturbing and offensive and I had to do some research to get additional info.  Well, I’m happy to report that the Durex condom ad turned out to be a fake, although it’s true identity is not very clear when you first google it.  Apparently, it was a spoof of this Burger King ad:

burger king ad

I’m more shocked that a major fashion icons like Dolce & Gabbana would be so irresponsible in producing such a suggestive ad which glorifies violence against women.  This was part of their 2007 ad campaign which I never saw until now and apparently the designers subsequently apologized and pulled the ad, but not without issuing a statement that they were merely “…looking to recreate a game of seduction in the campaign and highlight the beauty of our collections,”.  Huh?  Are you kidding me?  Since when was a gang rape mistaken for a game of seduction and how do bunch of oily shirtless men pinning down a woman highlight their designs?  It’s one thing to produce provocative ads because we all know that sex sells, but this is clearly one case where a line has been crossed.

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Queer Eye Candy – speaking visually

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“We’re hot, we’re fierce, we’re vulnerable, we’re beautiful, we’re in love…we’re just us.”
Queer Eye Candy

Queer Eye Candy

I came across this cool site last Friday and thought it was definitely worth sharing.  First off, I find their clean and simple web design to be both visually pleasing and to the point.  I always believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and what a great way to showcase the many faces of lesbians everywhere!  I love how each picture is so honest and carries a distinct personality of its own.  Indeed, it is about being yourself and celebrating who you are…nicely done!

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National Organization for Marriage Ad Parody

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I came across this video today and it made me laugh so hard…oh, it’s definitely a good way to kick off the weekend. It’s a parody of the recently released anti-gay marriage ad by the National Organization for Marriage. For those who missed it, you can see the original ad here. Honestly, setting aside the gay issues, I still cannot understand how organizations like NOM and others can manage to spend 1.5 million dollars only to produce this type of useless crap. I mean, why dont’ they put their money to good use where it’s really needed? It’s really a shame…

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“House: Lucky Thirteen” promo – hot!!

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First…I finally got around to sprucing up my blog and uploaded a new picture for the header. It took me a few days to conceptualize how exactly I wanted to define my blog to the readers, but I’m pleased with the final design…the stealthy, superhero-ish urban crawler scouring the city in search of news, trends and adventures. The cityscape is of Atlanta where I call home, and the rainbow colors are self-explanatory, I think. Now I just need to work on the About page…

On to today’s blog topic…
I found this video while surfing the web this week and thought it was damn hot! And how is it that I missed this when it aired last October? Now, I’m not a cult follower of the show or anything, but I do see it on occasion and find it to be quite well written and entertaining. I think I vaguely knew that the character of Dr. Remy Hadley, also known as “Thirteen” was bisexual, but I have not seen this play out very much in any of the episodes I’ve seen. In fact, in this season she is in a relationship with Dr. Foreman, which I find to be rather dull and void of any real chemistry.

Apparently this video was just a promo before the actual show and what ended up airing was a much shorter, “cleaned up” version of it. What a tease! I guess the promo didn’t go down well (no pun intended) with the general public and the producers had to tone it down. We have seen much progress in prime time network TV in their inclusion of gay and lesbian characters, but it’s still very much the case of “one step forward, two steps back”…very frustrating.

Well, here’s the incomplete video…can’t seem to upload the full version for some reason. Click on the link to watch the full length…

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Amazon “Gay Glitch”

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Here in Atlanta,  a nasty storm swept by yesterday causing many trees to fall and a massive power outage all over the metropolitan area, but apparently, there was an even greater storm that roared through the twitterverse and blogosphere.  By now I think most people have heard about the online giant Amazon.com’s apparent “glitch” that removed some 57,000 books from its sales rankings and main search page, mainly those books focusing on gay themes and issues.  For those few that have not heard the news yet, google it and you’ll see a plethora of news articles that came out since Sunday when the news broke.

I’m very perplexed as to how something like this could’ve happened and I”m cautious to jump to any conclusions at the moment and be quick to join in on condemning Amazon.  For one, a big company like Amazon is too smart to ignore public relations and sabotage it’s own image in this manner; secondly, they have been more than happy to sell LGBT related books and media in the past; and lastly, the company has a respectable score of 80 out of 100 on a recent 2008 Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.  And if I may add my own selfish reason to the list, I just love shopping at Amazon!

Within the short period since Easter Sunday, the explanation for the glitch went through an evolution of it’s own.  First it was the implementation of adult material policy gone wrong…to a technical glitch…to a job of hackers…and now, it’s an error in their internal cataloging system.  Something definitely stinks here, but no matter what the true answer may be, Amazon has made a public statement acknowledging their mistake and have promised that it’ll be fixed, so I guess now we’ll just have to wait and see.

On a quick side note, for anyone still doubting the power of Twitter, let this be the definitive case in point.  A Twitter hashtag, #Amazonfail, is now the top trending topic and the site is flooded with tweets from people everywhere…not just gays and lesbians, but ordinary people enraged by the injustice and speaking up against it…very cool!

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26 Miles – bravo!

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We had the good fortune of catching  ’26 Miles’ last Friday evening before the show came to an end on Sunday.  Now, I’ll be the first to confess that I’m usually not a big fan of the theatre and plays–I’ll go, but usually after a lot of prodding and some bribing.  So, when my girlfriend proclaimed some weeks ago that we’re going to this, I reluctantly agreed, being the good girlfriend that I am.  I knew next to nothing about the play except for a short synopsis that I read–some coming-of-age bullshit.  The only thing that kept my interest up was the fact that it was written by a Pulitzer Prize finalist, Quiara Hude and directed by a gay director, Kent Gash.

So with my skepticism in check, we hurriedly walked our way over to the Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center as the sky was looking rather ominous and the wind kicked up a few notches.  Once we entered, the attendant directed us through the building, back out the other door, and through a side door that lead 2 flights of stairs down into the basement, also known as the Hertz Stage.  We overheard our usher telling a group of concerned patrons that “we’re in the safest part of the building, should the impending storm hit us”….oh, that’s always nice to know.  The small theatre was adequate but really, nothing special.  The stadium-style theatre had rows of hard plastic chairs and there were no assigned seats.  For smaller intimate venues like this one, I personally prefer the 7 Stages in Little Five Points…but that’s just me.

Ok, I digressed…the play was surprisingly entertaining and well-acted and I found myself absorbed in it for the whole 1 hr, 40 min without any moments of daydreaming or catnapping, and that’s saying something.  The subject matter of family, love, and self-identity was easy to empathize with, and I thought each actor did a tremendous job in his/her depiction of each role.  I may go so far as to say this play might be the turning point in my whole perception of the theatre.  My only regret is that I didn’t see it sooner and I missed out on my opportunity to share my enthusiasm with others.

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too funny…

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I’m not a huge fan of Eminem, but his new video, ‘We Made You’, is just too funny and made me giggle. It may be lacking in it’s musical merit, but it certainly delivers big on it’s entertainment value, a typical Joseph Kahn production.  The video has been generating a lot of controversy, especially surrounding the provocative depiction of Sarah Palin, and Bill O’Reilly has even called it a personal attack on the governor. Take a chill pill, Bill…it’s just a musical parody!

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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