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week in review…

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Oh, am I glad it’s finally Friday!  What a week it’s been, and I feel the need to round up the week before signing off for the weekend.  First off, let’s update the saga of Carrie Prejean controversy…now, I really didn’t think I’d be blogging about her anymore after my last post, but I swear she just may become my next favorite blog topic after Sarah Palin if she keeps this up (my other blog)!  So, to update…
carrie prejean

  1. As predicted, another picture surfaced, and this time Carrie Prejean pulled a Janet Jackson on us and blamed it on a costume malfunction on a very windy day for her nipple exposure…hmmm, but how is it that her hair is so perfectly calm on such a windy day?
  2. Donald Trump has spoken and Carrie Prejean will keep her crown.  His logic?  “It’s the same answer that the president of the United States gave,” referring to her stance on gay marriage.  Yeah…but, what about the fact that she lied and she violated the contract?  I’m actually somewhat surprised to hear of his decision, but then again…not really.  The bottom line is, I highly doubt that he would’ve been as lenient in his boardroom, and his trivialization of a breach of contract in this case should be an insult to all the other women involved in the pageant who did faithfully abide by it.
  3. As a result of his decision, Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler resigned as co-executive director of the Miss USA pageant, saying she “cannot with a clear conscious move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth.”  Good for her! 
  4. I had no idea that Donald Trump was the owner of Miss USA Pageant and that anything he says basically goes.  Then why even bother having a panel of judges?  We might as well just have Donald walk up and down the isle full of women and have him personally pick out his choice for a winner.  There’s another reason to add as to why I don’t watch the beauty pageants…

Ok, I’m really done with this childish, waste-of-time crap…let’s turn to something worthwhile and of real importance.  I’m a little behind in posting the video and it’s a bit lengthy, but it’s definitely worth watching.  Just yesterday, in his latest battle to keep his job as an infantry officer in the US Army, Lt. Daniel Choi released a pleading letter to President Obama.  As  Commander-in-Chief, I sincerely hope the President will expedite the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and honor these men and women that put their lives on the line for the country everyday…

“I have personally served for a decade under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: an immoral law and policy that forces American soldiers to deceive and lie about their sexual orientation. Worse, it forces others to tolerate deception and lying. These values are completely opposed to anything I learned at West Point. Deception and lies poison a unit and cripple a fighting force.

As an infantry officer, an Iraq combat veteran and a West Point graduate with a degree in Arabic, I refuse to lie to my commanders. I refuse to lie to my peers. I refuse to lie to my subordinates. I demand honesty and courage from my soldiers. They should demand the same from me.”


lesbians and labels…

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urbancrawlerA few weeks ago, I blogged about Queer Eye Candy, a website that I really liked, and last Thursday I decided to show my support by submitting my  photos.  This morning I checked back on their site and read the comments generated over the weekend, and they got me to think about this whole “labels” within the lesbian culture.  Why are so many lesbians preoccupied with labels?  What is the true function of labels?  Do labels help or deter a person in his/her quest for identity?

I can only answer for myself and share my personal experiences, but I think labels are just another way our society tries to classify and conform everyone into this simple and rigid set of arbitrary definitions.  I know, because I myself have gone from one extreme to the other.  During the period of being in the closet, you can say that I was your classic “femme” in appearance–the long hair, the makeup, the “girly” clothes…the lesbian that always flew under the gaydar.  Although I enjoyed the fashion aspect of it, you can say that I still used the label to my advantage to protect my “in the closet” status at that time.  Then when I finally came out, I went through another significant period of being over-exuberant.  The freedom of finally being “out” translated into a desire to be more radical and to have this “no-apologies” attitude about who I was to anyone.  I also wanted to belong and be recognized in my new “community”, so I cut my hair short and sported a “butch” attitude that came with the look. 

This went on for a while, but then I finally calmed down and eventually grew out of this “adolescent lesbian” years and that’s when I really started to get to know myself and become comfortable with who I was.  Now, fashion is just a fashion to me…whereas my style is a definite reflection of my personality, clothes and outward appearances do not define me as a woman, as a lesbian or as a person.

Again, this is just my own take on it…I think labels among lesbians is a very complicated subject with many different layers and implications, but I do know that between a “femme” and a “butch” lies a whole spectrum and all the small subtleties that make up that spectrum is the true reflection of all the different lesbians among us.

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too hot for Facebook?

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“The image of this ad is either irrelevant or inappropriate. Per sections 3 and 8 of Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines, the image on your ad should be relevant and appropriate to the item being advertised. Make sure your image is directly relevant to what you are advertising. Images that are overly explicit, provocative, or that reveal too much skin are not allowed. Images that may either degrade or idealize any health condition or body type are also not allowed. If you choose to submit this ad again, please use an appropriate image that adheres to all of Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.”

lola_adThis is the ad for the upcoming film,  And Then Came Lola, that was banned by Facebook for the stated reasons above.  Understandably, it has angered the filmmakers who are now striking back on its Facebook fan page and calling the ban hypocritical and unfairly targeted against LGBT materials.  Check on sites like AfterEllen and Jezebel and you’ll see the buzz that’s already created by many who share in denouncing Facebook.  Well, with the recent Amazon controversy still fresh, it’s easy to quickly jump on the bandwagon and call it yet another attack on gays and lesbians, but I for one will have to side with Facebook on this one…hate to say it, but it’s true.  If you’re to read the statement above carefully, I think it’s pretty clear that this picture did not pass the guidelines due to its explicit and provocative nature and I believe it wouldn’t have made any difference had it featured two women and a man or two men and a woman.  Dont’ get me wrong, I think the picture is sexy as hell and tastefully done, but you can’t blame Facebook for following their set rules.  Now, show me a similar picture with straight people that was allowed by Facebook and I’ll change my mind in a heartbeat.

Facebook has now reversed their decision, so now everyone can drool over the picture!  The trailer looks pretty hot as well…

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National Organization for Marriage Ad Parody

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I came across this video today and it made me laugh so hard…oh, it’s definitely a good way to kick off the weekend. It’s a parody of the recently released anti-gay marriage ad by the National Organization for Marriage. For those who missed it, you can see the original ad here. Honestly, setting aside the gay issues, I still cannot understand how organizations like NOM and others can manage to spend 1.5 million dollars only to produce this type of useless crap. I mean, why dont’ they put their money to good use where it’s really needed? It’s really a shame…

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“House: Lucky Thirteen” promo – hot!!

Posted in Entertainment, Gay & Lesbian on April 16, 2009 by urban crawler

First…I finally got around to sprucing up my blog and uploaded a new picture for the header. It took me a few days to conceptualize how exactly I wanted to define my blog to the readers, but I’m pleased with the final design…the stealthy, superhero-ish urban crawler scouring the city in search of news, trends and adventures. The cityscape is of Atlanta where I call home, and the rainbow colors are self-explanatory, I think. Now I just need to work on the About page…

On to today’s blog topic…
I found this video while surfing the web this week and thought it was damn hot! And how is it that I missed this when it aired last October? Now, I’m not a cult follower of the show or anything, but I do see it on occasion and find it to be quite well written and entertaining. I think I vaguely knew that the character of Dr. Remy Hadley, also known as “Thirteen” was bisexual, but I have not seen this play out very much in any of the episodes I’ve seen. In fact, in this season she is in a relationship with Dr. Foreman, which I find to be rather dull and void of any real chemistry.

Apparently this video was just a promo before the actual show and what ended up airing was a much shorter, “cleaned up” version of it. What a tease! I guess the promo didn’t go down well (no pun intended) with the general public and the producers had to tone it down. We have seen much progress in prime time network TV in their inclusion of gay and lesbian characters, but it’s still very much the case of “one step forward, two steps back”…very frustrating.

Well, here’s the incomplete video…can’t seem to upload the full version for some reason. Click on the link to watch the full length…

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26 Miles – bravo!

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We had the good fortune of catching  ’26 Miles’ last Friday evening before the show came to an end on Sunday.  Now, I’ll be the first to confess that I’m usually not a big fan of the theatre and plays–I’ll go, but usually after a lot of prodding and some bribing.  So, when my girlfriend proclaimed some weeks ago that we’re going to this, I reluctantly agreed, being the good girlfriend that I am.  I knew next to nothing about the play except for a short synopsis that I read–some coming-of-age bullshit.  The only thing that kept my interest up was the fact that it was written by a Pulitzer Prize finalist, Quiara Hude and directed by a gay director, Kent Gash.

So with my skepticism in check, we hurriedly walked our way over to the Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center as the sky was looking rather ominous and the wind kicked up a few notches.  Once we entered, the attendant directed us through the building, back out the other door, and through a side door that lead 2 flights of stairs down into the basement, also known as the Hertz Stage.  We overheard our usher telling a group of concerned patrons that “we’re in the safest part of the building, should the impending storm hit us”….oh, that’s always nice to know.  The small theatre was adequate but really, nothing special.  The stadium-style theatre had rows of hard plastic chairs and there were no assigned seats.  For smaller intimate venues like this one, I personally prefer the 7 Stages in Little Five Points…but that’s just me.

Ok, I digressed…the play was surprisingly entertaining and well-acted and I found myself absorbed in it for the whole 1 hr, 40 min without any moments of daydreaming or catnapping, and that’s saying something.  The subject matter of family, love, and self-identity was easy to empathize with, and I thought each actor did a tremendous job in his/her depiction of each role.  I may go so far as to say this play might be the turning point in my whole perception of the theatre.  My only regret is that I didn’t see it sooner and I missed out on my opportunity to share my enthusiasm with others.

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too funny…

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I’m not a huge fan of Eminem, but his new video, ‘We Made You’, is just too funny and made me giggle. It may be lacking in it’s musical merit, but it certainly delivers big on it’s entertainment value, a typical Joseph Kahn production.  The video has been generating a lot of controversy, especially surrounding the provocative depiction of Sarah Palin, and Bill O’Reilly has even called it a personal attack on the governor. Take a chill pill, Bill…it’s just a musical parody!

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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