“House: Lucky Thirteen” promo – hot!!

First…I finally got around to sprucing up my blog and uploaded a new picture for the header. It took me a few days to conceptualize how exactly I wanted to define my blog to the readers, but I’m pleased with the final design…the stealthy, superhero-ish urban crawler scouring the city in search of news, trends and adventures. The cityscape is of Atlanta where I call home, and the rainbow colors are self-explanatory, I think. Now I just need to work on the About page…

On to today’s blog topic…
I found this video while surfing the web this week and thought it was damn hot! And how is it that I missed this when it aired last October? Now, I’m not a cult follower of the show or anything, but I do see it on occasion and find it to be quite well written and entertaining. I think I vaguely knew that the character of Dr. Remy Hadley, also known as “Thirteen” was bisexual, but I have not seen this play out very much in any of the episodes I’ve seen. In fact, in this season she is in a relationship with Dr. Foreman, which I find to be rather dull and void of any real chemistry.

Apparently this video was just a promo before the actual show and what ended up airing was a much shorter, “cleaned up” version of it. What a tease! I guess the promo didn’t go down well (no pun intended) with the general public and the producers had to tone it down. We have seen much progress in prime time network TV in their inclusion of gay and lesbian characters, but it’s still very much the case of “one step forward, two steps back”…very frustrating.

Well, here’s the incomplete video…can’t seem to upload the full version for some reason. Click on the link to watch the full length…

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